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Got some bad news today guys. I had been all summer having higher than normal engine temps. With the car being supercharged and a few weeks of intense humidity didnt think much of it.

The last few days been hearing a weird rattling sound in the engine near the oil cap.

We think it could be a few things. None very good. Vanos system is going, possible valve spring or rod bearing. The third the least of the two in my opinion based on the sound and location.

Who knows maybe water pump or engine is just getting noisy. Car drives fine. No delay, no bucking or stalling. Actually feels more responsive but could be becuase of the great temps we are having.

Needless to say, both my Ms are out of commission with my x5m that I did not even own for a week getting rear ended on MA pike at 50mph..

Sad sad day for my little M family.. Loaner it is for a few weeks...hopefully I should have the x5 in a week or two at most as its been a month being in the shop.