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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Title of the thread, "Paint protection for the track."

NO ONE said anything about driving around with that admittedly nasty bra on all the time.
Though it was a good thing I drove home with it on from Laguna Seca...
I read the thread title... My point is that you go through the trouble of installing the "bra" for the track but then you have no protection any other time unless you leave that ugly thing on. You just admitted that it was a good thing you had it on for the ride home AND you wouldn't want it on all the time because it's nasty. Not sure why you are arguing with me on that point.... considering you seem to agree with it. (And yes I understand that more damage occurs on the track than the street). Even putting that reason aside, I still wouldn't use one for the other reasons I mentioned. I'm glad you are happy with it and I'm glad it is working well for you. Enjoy your bra, brah (Zoolander reference).
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