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DIY: Easily adjust rear coilovers

Hey guys. It's no secret that adjusting the rears are a PITA. The carriers tend to spin with the collar and there is little room to use a clamp to hold it so I have a better solution so no tools (other than the spanner wrench) are ever required.

If you've already installed your springs like me only to realize the PITA to adjust them, do the following:

- Wedge a flat blade screwdriver between the threaded carrier and the car. You may need to tap lightly a few times with a small hammer to get the screwdriver in far enough. See image below:
- This should create a small gap big enough to dab a bit of "KwikWeld" (sets faster than JB Weld). You don't need a ton. I used about the size of a dime.
- Using a piece or soda box cardboard to apply the glue, I only put it on the area I could get to which was basically 1/8 of the full carrier. (CAREFUL not to get any on the threads!!)
- Yank out the screwdriver and wipe off/smooth over any extra that squeezes out

Allow an hour to dry and never worry about clamps again!

NOTE: This, in no way, makes uninstall any harder. Since you are only using JB weld on an 1/8th of the full surface, they still easily pull out with a wiggle.

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