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Originally Posted by Never Convicted View Post
In 2002 you were 11 years younger. With every new generation of models, a portion of owners of previous models "ages out" because they're unwilling to accept change and progress. They're replaced by a mostly younger demographic who are open to advancements. No company is going to gear their future to a dying market share, because they wouldn't be around long. You can wail about the good old days as much as you want, but increasingly fewer people are listening. Thus it always has been, and will be.
Perhaps. But, Mercedes, audi, and Lexus are upping their game with each generation. Two out of the three already drive better than the BMW. There's also new cars coming to the scene that are pretty kickass-- the alfa 4C looks like it's going to be amazing (if only you could get it with an N52!), the BRZ/FRS speaks to the right mentality (though it's too cheap feeling for me).

BMW is going the opposite direction of everyone else. It'll be interesting to see how it affects them long term.