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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
I don't forget that I'm part of a small sales group. I just realize that BMW doesn't make anything that targets me anymore. The used to, but they've shifted to targeting non enthusiasts, and the product has followed (as have increased sales, since there's more of them).

In 2002, I wanted to own every car that BMW made. Today.... I want to own every car BMW made in 2002.

Today, the F30 3 series has worse driving dynamics than the competing Lexus or Cadillac. That statement would have been so absurd in 2002 that you would have instantly lost credibility for anything else you said.

BMW built their brand on appealing to enthusiasts (the 2002 and tii were what established them in the USA, and were the first sport sedans), and at this point have 100% forsaken us. It's certainly good for their short term sales, but I do wonder how it will effect them long term. The exact non enthusiast they're targeting buy them over Mercedes/Audis precisely because of their "ultimate driving machine" reputation. At some point, that will no longer be what they're known for... and then they're just a worse Mercedes.
In 2002 you were 11 years younger. With every new generation of models, a portion of owners of previous models "ages out" because they're unwilling to accept change and progress. They're replaced by a mostly younger demographic who are open to advancements. No company is going to gear their future to a dying market share, because they wouldn't be around long. You can wail about the good old days as much as you want, but increasingly fewer people are listening. Thus it always has been, and will be.