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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
Slicer, Ben,

OT a bit, but since you two are here...

Is there an issue with stock height E90s running a 255/35-19 up front in terms of diameter? Meaning does this rub the fender liner, either in front of or behind the tire, when turning the wheel through its arc? (I'm thinking here of my daughter's E46 zhp when running BFG R1 245/40-18s all around and how that diameter increase from stock 225/40 caused some minor rubbing due to it).

Stock height and stock offsets, 255/35R19 works fine. If lowering or using spacers, it will often rub. You are correct that the height is more of an issue for fitment than the width for that size.

Edit: Just to clarify, this is in regard to the M3, which uses taller tires than the non-M cars. I don't think the 255/35R19 would be good on the front of a non-M E90.
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