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Originally Posted by happos2 View Post
So the added LS additive the Mobil didn't do the trick? I think I might go with Redline as a lot of people have liked that. I also believe they make an additive you can put in after the fact.

Thanks for the info.
Correct, the Mobil with LS additive was still not enough. If you want to try something else I would go with the Royal Purple. Realistically I would say all the big ones, valvoline, mobil royal and redline are all going to be the same. If one works they will all work, if one doesnt work then the only option is going back to the FM bmw stuff. I am not a fan of adding booster on top of the original oil unless it is made by the same manufacturer. Most additives will never mix with the original fluid and will just sling around inside the diff as 2 different fluids.
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