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Originally Posted by 335igawnM3 View Post
Well I'm convinced. OEM is the way to go for a car developed on the 'ring'. I'll stick to pads and brake fluid for now. What kind of fluid do you recommend?
only fluid i ever use in any of my car is Castrol SRF. its a little pricey, but has the highest wet boiling point out there.

the auto parts shop in graf can order it and takes a vat form. comes out to about same price as i get it stateside. about 50€ with VAT for 1L. you can flush the entire system with 1L but if you really want to make sure you can use part of a second bottle. just remember not to keep unused brake fluid. get rid of it. it absorbs water over time making it useless. if you can find a friend also wanting the best fluid, go in with them and get 3 bottles. to use between the two of you.
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