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Originally Posted by UMBC2015 View Post
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Kobe will be ready for opening day, or the first couple of weeks. As he has stated in multiple interviews, and as his doctors have claimed, he is well ahead of schedule. I believe Kobe himself said that he is 3 months ahead of the estimated timeline for recovery. Where did you get the "Christmas" deadline from? I want to see some sources.

Nash certainly is not done. If the Lakers can manage his minutes, he will still be very productive in their uptempo offense. So what if Pau is old? He is still in great shape. Lakers don't need his tough inside scoring as much as his intelligence/passing abilities on the floor. He just recently posted a video of him practicing 3's. Combine that with his finesse and dominance inside the paint, and I think that should be a good indicator of what to expect from Pau this upcoming season. So what if Metta is gone? He is not nearly the same defender he once was, and the decision to let him go was motivated by a financial one. He is absolutely replaceable.

Kobe scares everyone away? Really? That's laughable. Kobe demands hard work from his teammates, as much time and energy as he puts into the game. Players like Dwight run off because they are unable to fulfill those expectations. That's exactly what you want from a leader: someone who will drive you to perform at your highest level.

You are discounting the Lakers from what they seem on the outer shell, and for that, you are clueless. Dissect what the Lakers strategy in mind is, and do some research on Kobe's injury and their Summer additions, then come back on here and have something intelligent to say.
We are going to have to agree to disagree.

The only thing I may want to revise is my timeline for Kobe's return.

I bet 100 units of e90 post credibility that the Lakers do not make the playoffs. Do you disagree with me on this? If so, let's make a bet.