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Originally Posted by OC ///M View Post
Lulz @ M3 owners who won't pay to buy a quart of oil...Talk about cheap bastards!

The idea that you're entitled to it too...

Eye-opening thread, thanks OP.
I never said I wouldn't pay to buy a quart of oil. The fact that it is so cheap is the point - they are trying to nickel and dime customers. And they did it before but now give a BS reason (i.e. I didn't buy a car from them). They told me I could go buy the oil elsewhere and come back and they would fill it up (gee thanks, but I can pour oil into my own car, thanks).

They also won't give loaners when going in for service to those who did not buy a car from them. I will be looking for a new one before long and this ensures I will not buy my next car from them.

The dealership is Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville, FL.