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Originally Posted by dreamingat30fps View Post
Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed games get much better the longer a console is out. Maybe in time the developers learn the intricacies of each console and are better able to optimize for it. Anyways I have a 360 now and will probably get an Xbox One at some point but holding off for now.
That's 100% true. It takes developers some time to learn new hardware or architecture ... But the PS4 and XONE have an x86 microprocessor. x86 architecture has been out for over 100 years (i'm being funny) But seriously its been out since the late '70s, the 64bit version has been out for over a decade now).
That's the reason Sony and MS picked an x86 instead of the traditional IBM PowerPC that is difficult to program.

High definition gaming has been out since 2005/2006... Honestly there's NOTHING new or difficult about programming PS4/XONE...

There is absolutely no reason for PS4/XONE games to run below 60FPS on 1080P.
The first games on PS4/XONE should look about the same as the Latest games on the outgoing PS3/X360.