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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
What is it that makes people want a PS4? I'm saying this not from a Microsoft fanboi direction as I don't have xbox, rather, I'm a PS3 guy myself.

I just haven't heard anything really great about the PS4 that really makes me want to go out there and get one. Maybe later, after a year, just nothing makes me really want to be the first.

So what was it that attracts people to it?
I feel the exact same way. There's nothing WOW! or SPECTACULAR! or GREAT! about the PS4.
Most PS4 games aren't even running at 60FPS, all the games I've seen thus far look very boring. You now have to pay to be able play multi-player.

I'm not a fanboy, i judge fair. I like all systems equally. I own a PS3, X360 and Wii.
The next gen consoles (PS4, XONE, WiiU) have a much different playing field than their predecessors had, which is the evolution of mobile games.
It's taught Sony, MS and Nintendo a lesson that mediocre hardware can still profit a lot of money.
This is one of the reasons PS4 and XONE aren't a big jump from PS3 and X360, as to what the jump was on PS3/X360 from PS2/original Xbox.

Another reason being cost to manufacture, this time around Sony is trying to play safe and not build an extreme gaming machine that will cost too much.
Same can be said about MS (honestly the PS4 and XONE are the same price, XONE just costs more because MS gives you more accessories... The stupid Kinect)

Both PS4/XONE are running on fairly moderate microprocessors ( a main processor and graphics processor slapped into and APU) to reduce manufacturing cost.

Oh well, i may get one eventually. But i'm not crazy about it. Nothing about the PS4 has wow'ed me. I even like the XONE a little better.