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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
I won't. I could have gotten the gt3 when I built my e46, but its not a smart financial choice. Now I have that extra 50K to use on tires pads or whatever. My next stop I think would be a z06 before the gt3 again money driving that choice. Can't see spending that much for the name when I'm already as fast as 996 gt3 and closing in on 997.1.
You being as fast or close is a factor of the driver not the car because either gt3 with equal drivers will be much faster no ifs and or buts about it. Plus in the cases if those cars they are worth far more and usually more expensive cars get driven more slowly bc people don't want to crash them.

If you were to get a gt3 and learn to drive it right, it will not only blow away your e46 in stock form but will be more rewarding too. There's a reason the gt3 is the best Motorsport car in the world. And the 997 will only be topped by the 991 gt3.

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