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No way the Lakers make the playoffs.

Kobe won't be back until Christmas.
Nash is done.
Pau is getting old.
Artest is gone.

Kobe says he wants to retire as a Laker, but with his age and injury, it is likely he will never be the same. He was already due to start declining any season now and the Achilles injury just speeds up that process. If Kobe was a great leader, then it might make sense to keep him on the roster and try to surround him with younger talent, but the thing is...HE SCARES EVERYONE AWAY.

I think Dwight Howard is a gigantic drama queen, but it was incredibly stupid for the Lakers to keep Kobe and D-Antoni and lose D. Howard.

The Lakers would be smart to trade Kobe while he still has value. Then they can start targeting new stars to replace him.