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Originally Posted by f32458 View Post
Nice! Sounds like you enjoy your exhaust nicely. I had the full F1 system. They only changed my X pipe and the sound changed dramatically. There are only two valves on my mufflers as well. Imagine these are the tips. OX XO X are where the valves are. I gotta say, the F1 really sounds amazing. It's really really just that crazy. I kinda of miss it. Downshift in D5 is absolutely crazy. I had a lot of fun. iPE are well known for their torque lost in open mode, that is why I set it at 4k. So I guess if you want F1 sound, just change the X pipe and you are set to go! Meanest and the loudest in your town I bet! Do you have a 6 speed?
Yea its perfect for me. I had an Eisenmann Race and it was great in the lower RPM range but when I went above 7k RPMs the sound completely went away. The IPE screams all the way to 8k and gets louder and louder.

No I have DCT so the downshifts are awesome on mine too. Does Innotech sell the F-1 X-pipe by itself? I thought they made you buy the complete system to get it. If not then I may have to pick one up.