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Originally Posted by f32458 View Post
Looks like you have the regular iPE full setup. I didn't know it is catless Does your car stink? When I made the switch from F1 x pipe to a custom build iPE x pipe. ( made from iPE ) I felt the torque improved in lower RPM range right away. Perhaps your x pipe performs better than mine? The stink went away when I made the switch. I am thinking to get a stage 2 tune to maximise overall power gain. Which RPM do you set yours to open? Mine is set at 4k RPM. Thanks James
Yea the smell is horrible for people behind me. When I drive in reverse with the windows down I can smell it but it doesnt bother me. At least it solved the problem of people always riding my ass in regular traffic, now the following distance is at least 10 car lengths lol.

My auto is set to 6 but I never put it in auto mode. I go with the valves open all the time unless I am coming home late on fri-sat night.

I think the F-1 X-pipe is more engineered for sound. I dont really notice any torque dips. It seems like I have more torque when the valves are closed though. The IPE F-1 exhaust/muffler is also different from my normal IPE. I think if you look into the outer exhaust tips on the F-1, 3/4 of it is blocked, all 4 of mine are regular wide open exhaust tips with just valves in 2.

With that said id prob rather have the F-1 than my IPE just for the sound. Although mine turns heads everywhere and is crazy loud and F-1 like already.