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Originally Posted by e92driva View Post
I've had it for months (since like beta ). To each their own but I think iOS 7 transformed the iPhone into a whole other beast. I honestly think the previous iOSs are ugly and lacking in many features.

I feel like the only people who don't like it are the people in their 40s-50s who barely know how to use their iPhone in the first place lol (no offense guys)
I'm 35. There are things I like, and things I don't. You can't argue that the shadowless font has less contrast against light backgrounds. My phone rebooted itself today while I was trying to open imessage, and imessage has quit a couple times on its own. Never happened in iOS 5 or 6. When I select an artist in iTunes, I now have to scroll through every song on every album before I can get to the album I want (which was already doable under "all songs"), and a genius playlist went from 1 step to two. Reduced functionality. Instead of having buttons for areas you can touch for an action, there's now often just colored text. The animations take a bit too long sometimes.

Multitasking is vastly improved. Siri is so much less bitchy. I like the camera app way better. Facetime Voice voice quality blew me away. The swipe-up options are very convenient.

I feel like the people who assume new always equals better are in their teens and twenties and are easily wowed by novelty (no offense) :P

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