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Originally Posted by mdgrwl View Post
I HEAVILY considered the RS5... but the carbon build-up, price, performance, and lack of maintenance like BMW made me shift towards a 2013 M3.

Its a great looking car and has some speed... handles okay. But its not an M3.
Has some speed?

Have you seen the fastestlaps link I posted below yet?

Handles okay?

I must have a special version RS5 because mine handles unbelievably. The car has LOADS of grip and steering is spot on.

Originally Posted by Chill72 View Post
Sorry if I posted this already, my mistake. One thing is for sure I did not baby this car during a test drive. I took it to top speed at least twice and I was applying 100% throttle anytime there was no car in front of me.

Interior could be one of those eye of the beholder things...I stand by my original comment.

Last, I was most definetly doing it wrong when it comes to paddle shifters...I wanted to rip out turn signal stalk out of the steering column.
So, when you hold the steering wheel, do you keep your hand/fingers stretched out?

I ask because I specficially tried to pull on those stalks and the only way I could is if I kept my fingers pointing straight out towards the dash. Then and only then would they be in the way.

Now, when I held the wheel normally (like I have in every car I've driven with the shift paddles), my fingers rest right there on/next to the paddles and they're pulled in with minimal effort.

I have an E46 M3 as well but had a lot of seat time in an E92 at the two M School and drove that the exact same way.

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