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i dunno

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Originally Posted by BlueZ4Arizona View Post
I was dying for someone to ask me this. Your sarcasm is a nice touch too.

Sooooooo......that would be a premature guess on your part, and here's why:

Generally, EVERYONE is satisfied we are trying diplomacy first, and a deal has been met. That was good news. Without the US threat of military action we'd never have gotten to this stage.

However, everyone can agree this situation is a LOOOOOONG way from being resolved. We have a resolution when all the CW are destroyed. We are dealing with a pathological liar in Assad. Assad KNOWS the US can and will consider military force if he steps out of line or disobeys orders. ...and why, because we can. So, our threat of military force will continue to loom.

So, at this stage of the game, hopefully the FACT military force will always loom, will keep Asad in line, and he does not kill any more kids with his CW.
I feel like the time it's going to take for this to resolve is further reason not to engage in any military action. It's going to get dragged out; American soldiers and innocent civilians will die; and in the end, the US doesn't really gain anything from victory.