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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Hillary has been the wife of an elected official, the Senator of a district where she never lived, and her husband bribed her way into the seat with Presidential pardons, and she has a failed track record as Secretary of State. And, she's a habitual liar. If you are okay with that, then everything else probably does look like bias.

Oh - and yes, that's Dick Morris' list. Here's William Safire's list (of the NY Times), from 1996:
I'm not trying to make you like Hillary or anything, that's your prerogative either way. The point here is that folks in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. Do feel free to post an example of a politician that rose to prominence and never lied - I'll be thrilled to look into them. It's always a good thing to see an example of someone else's ideal.

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