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Originally Posted by Liberation View Post
Can the exact same thing be said of an M3?

Didn't you already post this exact same response?

Nevertheless, the DCT senses whether you're driving hard or not and shifts accordingly. Best believe that if you're getting on it....the shifts are lightning fast.

Not sure what you mean about the interior feeling cheap....I really have no clue what that's about. Its light years better than the E92.

Finally, if you were actually pulling on the turn signal and wiper blade're just doing it wrong bruh!
Sorry if I posted this already, my mistake. One thing is for sure I did not baby this car during a test drive. I took it to top speed at least twice and I was applying 100% throttle anytime there was no car in front of me.

Interior could be one of those eye of the beholder things...I stand by my original comment.

Last, I was most definetly doing it wrong when it comes to paddle shifters...I wanted to rip out turn signal stalk out of the steering column.