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Originally Posted by pt View Post
We're talking about two different things here. Name one politician that hasn't told lies or made mistakes. I could go through the list of crap that anyone else spewed. But that just gets into a tit-for-tat thing that accomplishes nothing and consumes time unnecessarily. Not to mention that someone's actions in the past don't necessarily correlate to potential actions in future unrelated situations if their responsibilities were substantially different. I never claimed that she's always told the truth about everything - nice try at a straw man. What I did say is that she doesn't have a history of saying one thing and doing something else, and I meant it as a comparison to BO.

In terms of resetting the relationship with Russia that Bush had developed, I did see a quotation where she at least implied that the policies of the Bush admin were inoperable, so I see your point. In a situation that was 180 degrees from what we have now, she displayed poor form for sure.

The real relevance here and now is whether or not she would have tolerated the crap from Putin/Asaad the way BO did, given failed bilateral relations with Russia especially since Putin took over. Would she have threatened, only to rescind, military action? And would she go to either of them and badmouth other colleagues in the presence of adversaries? My position is that she wouldn't. Some hysterical regurgitated list on the internet just doesn't apply here.

Especially one by Dick Morris who is not likely to give her a fair shake. Here's the source of the information you swiped/pasted:

And yes - it is certainly wishful thinking on your part to imply that she would try and become more friendly with an adversary as the relationship circles the drain. There really isn't anything to base that on except, as I alluded to earlier, bias.
Hillary has been the wife of an elected official, the Senator of a district where she never lived, and her husband bribed her way into the seat with Presidential pardons, and she has a failed track record as Secretary of State. And, she's a habitual liar. If you are okay with that, then everything else probably does look like bias.

Oh - and yes, that's Dick Morris' list. Here's William Safire's list (of the NY Times), from 1996:

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