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Get your nuts here get your nuts!

Wall nut shells that is boys and girls!
Get your wall nut shells! Itís good for what causes your intake valves from looking like fuzzy caterpillars!

So Iím looking aroundÖ.almost all the new high end high HP cars are TDI enginesÖ..and not Diesel TDI.
And we all know how well DI engines are in turning pretty little intake valves into chunky curd covered messes!
As such itís only fair to assume that the market will be filled with wall nut snacks and the price of wall nut shells will be par with Google stock!

Has any auto company given a thought as to how to fix this mess?
My friend who works in Volvo isn't saying a word!

So that means.....they sell you the car...and it's your job to nut blast your car every 40k miles