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My dad loves to preach that there are very few joys in life that are better than acquiring things that I worked hard for.
Well stated. My father said that to me over and over. My parents bought me a new car when I got my license ('88 VW GTI 16V) and paid for my college education. While my dad doesn't have the very impressive car collection that yours does, he has managed to accumulate an Aston V12 Vanquish, Maser QP, a '65 Impala SS conver, a 66 Impala SS coupe, and a couple of chopped '38 Ford coupes. While I had the car/education covered, I was expected to maintain a part time job during school. I also worked a full-time summer job. One summer my dad was "kind" enough to get me a job through a friend as a brick tender. He also found me a few jobs painting some family friend's houses in the evening hours and weekends. At the time I liked the work, but now I fully understand that he was helping build a solid foundation for my future. While I will enherit a decent amount of money in the future, I'm really not concerned about it as I intend to make my 1st million before I turn 48.
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