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The "S" models are always intended to be evolutionary. Not worth an upgrade from a 5, but I'll probably upgrade my 4S since I'm paying a subsidized rate anyway.

Biggest disappointment: 64 GB has been the biggest size for several generations, and it's been a $100 upgrade this entire time. I have 30 gig of music, 20 gig of apps 'n stuff, plus pics and video. Highway robbery, probably intended to direct people to cloud services. I like to travel without roaming and go out to the sticks though so I need onboard storage. I also wouldn't mind if they made it thicker with more battery life so I wouldn't need a battery case. If the 5C were available in 64 I'd probably get that.

I like how they went with bigger, instead of more, camera pixels. The lens is probably more the limiting factor for resolution, so I'll take the low-light performance and smaller filesize of the bigger pixels.

The tech is definitely maturing, so I'm not sure what they could do that's revolutionary at this point for the 6. NFS would be nice, especially with the fingerprint scanner. They should also offer a bigger version (same number of pixels to simplify the app development- just bigger) for people with poor eyes or big fingers. I'd love to see an SD card slot, even if it was locked down so it only stored photos and videos. Maybe wireless charging, too...then we wouldn't have to worry about that proprietary port.

Long-long term, I'd love to see a phone with a flexible screen that unfurls so you can have a big screen when you need it. Or, perhaps both sides of the phone could have screens on them and it folds open clamshell style to have one big screen with a seam down the middle. Being fully waterproof would be nice, as would lighter, tougher materials like carbon fiber.

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