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Originally Posted by Elite47 View Post
I love my BMW and BMWs in general. The car I have now is great, fully paid off, 30,000 miles, detailed, and fun to drive...but....

I cannot forget my 2001 E46 330i. It was so much fun, it introduced me to BMW and made me fall in love. My dream for for the past decade has been the M3. Even after the E9X M3s came out, I still had an affinity for the E46. They seemed lighter, more focused, less complicated with over-engineering. (no offense with later model owners, a BMW is a BMW, still an incredible machine)

I was even thinking of dropping a couple thousand in performance parts to really get the most out of my 328i, but then I thought, I might as well get the real thing. Sure they are mostly at 50k miles and for about $29,000 for the options that I want, which is more than what my E92 is worth. But I can't stop seeing them on the streets and just dreaming about one.

Has anyone done anything similar? Or am I just nuts?
I can tell you more than that ) ive changed my 328xi M-pack fully equiped with all the stuff you can get, including HUD,adaptive M-suspension, sport gearbox,sunroof,H/K and such and went in for M3 E46 in mint conditon with 10 thousand kilometers on its odometer. It about to celebrate its 10th birthday, but i abosolutely love it. It has nothing to the modern BMW models. Its clear, crisp and sharp. And provides tonns of emotions with its road feel and inline 6 made of cast iron, revving all the way up to 8 thousand rpm with that drilling sound.
The only downside for me is that i lost a big amout of money, but....who cares ? we live only once )
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