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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
Evolutionary. Though its features are less gimmicky than the S4's. I would get one if I was eligible to upgrade. But, I am on the 4,5,6, etc iPhone cycle.

Touch ID looks like it will actually work and not a POS like laptop fingerprint scanners.
Agreed. It looks pretty solid. I've noticed a trend with Apple. They usually just do upgrades for all the other features such as processor and camera and then have one feature that the competition doesn't. The same thing happened with the 4S' Siri.

Originally Posted by ashtaron14 View Post
I think I'm more excited about iOS7 itself than the iPhones, because the fluidity and the user experience has always been the iPhone's selling point for me.

The iPhone 5S is the 1st 64bit phone, but then the Apps will need to be 64bit for supporting it. And if it's anything like Windows' 64bit, I would worry a lot. So lets hope it all works out. The A7 chip does sound exciting with the M7 chip working alongside. Apple is claiming double the processing power of the A6 chip of the iPhone 5. My Geek side is

I prefer iP5's Slate, but I guess Space Gray is okay. Jerez Black would have been better.

Yeah I'm pretty excited about iOS7 too. It looks promising.