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Originally Posted by DINAN_GT
Originally Posted by Eddien123 View Post
Turbos are efficient but they're not pure. The three series has a bogus four banger. All the M's now have turbos. I love the styling but they're just not pure anymore. M5 should've stayed a v10 and m3 should stay a v8 and please bring back the straight 6 to the 28i/xi's that four cylinder sounds like my old honda.
Agreed, however the reason is the stupid "emission's ratings" tests are getting harder to pass, the reason they benced the 5.0L V10 was because it failed recent emission tests apparently.'

Sure, I wouldn't mind going back to NA, but turbos are very efficent and are more economical then NAs, so BMW has started to use them. Blame the environmentalists
I can respect the crazy torque output from a turbo but that V10 sounded so damn good