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Originally Posted by Cool Steel View Post
M4 will have a yellow color wont it?
M4 is sexy but only coming in a coupe right?

Originally Posted by quiksi View Post
according to production stats there was 1 E90 Dakar and 1 E90 Atacama Yellow produced at the factory
Wow talk about limited that is more rare than my white NsX!

Originally Posted by LMU Andrew View Post
Have you considered wrapping the E90? That way if the "yellow fever" ever subsides, you can just rip it off and you have a white car again. Seems like way less of a headache than having to negotiate a trade, title, etc.
Yes I've thought about it many times but concerned how the door jams and engine bay would look. I've always been curious how a wrapped car would look one owner popped open the trunk, hood or opened their doors!

My buddy is getting his z4m wrapped from red to white so will go check out the process this week and make a decision.
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