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Vossen took care of this issue 10x over. I posted this already. I had a bad experience caused by an incompetent ex-employee that was subsequently fired. The issue was taken care of promptly, professionally and, above all, personally. The entire staff at Vossen took this personally and stopped at nothing to make sure I was satisfied. I went from being pissed and agitated to shocked and completely satisfied because of the pride these kids take in their company and reputation. Honestly, this needs to be put to bed.

I am not shy about speaking my mind. I called Vossen out for a bullshit situation, yes. The way in which they handled it from that point forward and after being provided the proper information was nothing short of spectacular.

One thing people have to understand: This is a business with a lot of people personally and emotionally invested in something they believe in and pride themselves on. This is why my situation was fixed immediately and they took care of me. They are by no means a "fly by night" company. I have been repping Vossens on every car I have owned since this situation because of the relationships I built over there and how the rims always seem to flow with my builds.

The fact that I started this thread and I am now trying to close it should be evidence enough that the company is reputable and professional. I would not stand behind a company that screwed me over. Hell no. I WILL and AM standing up for a company that had an idiot employee make them look bad, fired this ass and then took care of the customer that was promised something he never got. They could have played stupid. They could have ducked giving me the rims. Once the owner found out what was going on he stepped in and took care of it. That's business. The company did all the necessary things to rectify the situation. They fired this kid. They contacted me. Apologized. Gave me my rims. Checked up on me regularly to make sure I was satisfied. They sponsored two more of my cars in my F10 550 build and my 2013 Audi RS5 build.

I stand behind them 100%. Put this thread to bed. PM me with questions.