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Originally Posted by Fred@ReverseLogic View Post
When removing your wheels you should determine whether or not the wheel is frozen to the hub BEFORE completely removing all of the lug bolts. I recommend loosening the lug bolts about 3 turns and then if necessary use the mallet to free the wheel from the hub. If you remove all of the lug bolts completely and then start beating on the tire with the mallet, you risk knocking the tire off the hub and damaging the face of the wheel as it falls to the ground. Don't ask me how I know this...

Once the wheel is lose on the hub you can replace one of the bolts with the lug bolt guide tool and then remove the remaining four bolts and the wheel.
Exactly what I did thanks to your very detailed instructions ... and you do need to wire brush the hub and rub a little penetrating oil onto the hub, and only the hub.
Many thanks
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