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Originally Posted by M3 View Post
It was purchased on 2/2013, so I am not sure if it did or not. But it doesn't really matter now as I sold the detector within an hour of posting it on Craigslist lol

I browsed some of the radar detector forums and it seems like there's a new Valentine One on it's way.
lol gotcha. You are totally right in your assessment with the I/O with the old firmware (I'm guessing you didn't have the update.)

Long story short this video here
shows that after the firmware update with updated settings the redline is a BEAST with I/O!

Valentine One from what I read is always a solid pick, especially if you do band sweeps. My only reluctance with the V1 is all the false alerts... Do you plan on gettting savvy?

Apparently people are really liking the I/O capabilities of the new Passport Max.
. Although build quality and other issues are suspect (esp compared to the redline... that thing is built like a tank!)