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She will probably kill me for skipping through half this trip, but our next stop I couldnt wait to post about, THE RING!! We went 4 hours out of our way to Amsterdam so I could drive on it, it POURED on the way there and I was scared we would drive all that way and the track would be closed. We got there and it was dry as a bone. I was able to get 4 laps (almost 50 miles of racing) in before we decided to stop for lunch (she also said one more lap and she was going to be sick lol.

I was very timid on the first and second lap, part of it was getting used to the car, part was not really knowing the track at all, by the 3rd and 4th lap I really picked it up and started passing some people. I still held back some but I had an awesome time and it was so worth the drive. Afterwards we stopped off had a bit to eat at the track and headed to Amsterdam, literally as we drove away from the track it started to downpour. We could not have had better timing.

I am so glad I waited till the 1200 mile service before I went there, It would have killed me to stay below 5500 rpm.
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