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Originally Posted by Denny347 View Post
Sorry for the tread revival but MAN...BMW's AND POWERLIFTING!!!! For about the last 7 months I have been following Wendler's 5/3/1 program and I love it. I'm 40, 6'2", 245lbs, 20%BF.

Squat: 425lbs
Bench: 350lbs
Deadlift: 565lbs
Press: 205lbs

I'm thinking about jumping into a local meet. These are all raw with a belt.
Nice! Our numbers are very similar. I've wanting to so a meet as well. Unfortunately, the only active fed in my area is the USAPL. I have a friend that lifts in it, and It just looks way to boring for me. Was thinking apf or SPF. I'll have to look at powerliftingwatch and see what's around.