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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
--> Forgetting to thoroughly clean out the inside of the cockpit before the first session (remember, this is my DD).

Off the top of my head, I've left a radar detector teetering on the passenger visor; had a tennis ball roll out from under my seat and bounce around the pedals (scary as hell); had fast food napkins fluttering out the window down the backstretch at RA (embarrassing but not lethal); numerous metallic items (wrenches?) rattling around in the glove compartment thru the turns; etc...

Sometimes that first morning at a track event can be hurried to get going...
F*kn Hilarious. I'm at work and I seriously laughed out loud.

On a serious note you point out something very important clean your car out the night before and leave it all at home; so you dont have that pile of sh8t next to your car. lol That much longer to leave when you have to sit there and pack it all again.
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