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I just purchased a 2013 RS5 and I gotta say...its a badass car! The fit and finish, build quality, technology, NA V8, exhaust soundtrack, technology, and yes...the DSG are all phenomenal! Not sure why some don't like it but you have to keep in mind, if you're just cruising around and not 'getting on it' will shift with slower reaction times. However, when in Dynamic mode and really pushing it....the shifts are just as fast and crisp as the DCT. Its a great transmission.

I haven't felt a hint of understeer and the car hides its weight pretty well. It handles great and the electric steering is pretty darn good considering all the gripes of these systems. Steering is solid and heavy. Not as good as my E46 ZCP (but how many cars are) but damn good for this technology.

I still have my M3, so, its an awesome balance. Never thought I'd have an Audi in my garage but its an awesome car and with its exclusivity and gorgeous looks....I couldn't be more happy!

Here's some pics from delivery....