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The new Iphone5 connectors don't support video output either (nor Basic, Connect (which are already available) nor Media (which comes out later)).

I have an 2013 640d (october 2012) with options 6NF,6NR, 609 AND 6NL.
Last march I bought the "prototype" snap in adapter for Iphone5 (84.21-2 338 568-01) which doesn't support video-out and has no fan. Several times, my Iphone5 got very hot and turned off automatically until it cooled down.
Last week I saw the new "connect" (84.21-2 351 308-01) snap-in adapter for Iphone 5 with fan on the internet and asked for it at the dealership. They told me this adapter would only work for newer BMW's with option 6NS. Also they told me that video-out on iPhones would not work in the newer cars with 6NS. I told him I would like to try it anyway, so I picked it up today. I tested it and I can confirm that it doesn't work properly.
It does everything that my old snap in does (apps, controlling Iphone through Idrive, Cover art,...) EXCEPT playing music through the car speakers . Music comes out of the Iphone itself and indeed there's no video out. BMW told me I have to wait for the snap in adapter "music/media" (2 351 309) with fan, but they don't know when it comes out. They don't expect it till november.

So basically:
- I still don't have a snap in adapter for my Iphone5 that works properly
- The "music/media" adapter that comes out later this year (?) solves the overheating problem but doesn't support video out, so this option will not be possible for Iphone5
- Newer cars (since june 2013, with 6NS) don't support video out at all
- You can only use video out on older iPhones in older cars (< june 2013)