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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
991 porsche turbo is now 550/520 or something if that sorts. There is a 850hp mustang you can buy out of the box. LOL. Arent 328i close to 300 now?
Mustang GT500 puts out 650hp 600tq not 850hp

Originally Posted by FVM3 View Post
A toyota Sienna makes more then 225hp from a 3.5 v6
The list of 3.5 v6 that make well over 300hp is huge from E350 MB, TL, IS350, Q50, v6 Mustang, v6 Camaro, STI, hyundai Genesis. The amount cars with 3.5 motor producing over 300hp is massive now.

Originally Posted by Snig View Post
I think we're going to see Engine HP + Electric Motor output wars.

Bragging rights to see who can get the most overall power out put with the smallest petrol engine supplemented by an electric drivetrain.
It begins with 918 porsche spyder 887hp with Ferrari claimed 963hp coming next, lamborghini, NSX following soon after.