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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se
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Talk2megoose which car were you in? What was sketchy about it? Were you in one of the e93s?
that's my e92 there - dunno, the road down was very narrow / steep (a lot of rocks on the road as well); we were moving very quickly; guy behind me was a 17 y/o in his dad's e60 m5, tires squealing through every turn, 10 ft. off my bumper - not exactly confidence inspiring with all of the cliff faces, etc.

like I said, sketchy, but will prob do another eurotopia event again.
I stop where the one way stops (like an autox event) give the guy some time and then i run as hard as i can down the one way (didnt this month as i need the tires for two track days in sept - but check my older vids). That way you can haul ass and create space for the guy behind if needed. Even better, he will do the same when its his turn. But in general i agree there has to be good space between every car. Next time come ride with us in the front.