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Originally Posted by auggiem3 View Post
My prognostication - horsepower is near peak but weight will continue to decline (thanks to lightweight materials) juxtaposed against bigger torque (corresponding with the phase out of naturally aspirated engines and further accelerated by the massive torque of electric motors)
I agree with this.

Engines will get smaller, lighter, more powerful and more efficient. Cars will get lighter with use the of composites. CF and similar materials will find their way into economy cars instead of just supercars.

Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
New car technology are all adaptations of hardcore physics and engineering research. I suspect a breaking new technology will appear like nothing we have known before. From a pure engineering standpoint moving one or two people using a 2 ton object is 5% efficient. Horsepower per killogram displaced will have to replace engine horsepower. I expect a reduction of 10 times in the mass of cars and at the same 10 times increase in artificial intelligence and collisions avoidance. Collision between moving objects will become a fun fact of the past talked about in history books. Instead of cruise controlling speed, we will cruise control acceleration as people get airborne spending half of their trip accelerating to insane speeds and the other half deccelerating back before reaching their destination. The automatic autopilot will be so capable that the human passenger will be allowed to toy blindfolded with the commands and no accident will be possible. The fun will no longer be about being transported but in moving to 5 or more different locations around the globe in the same day and everyday.
as someone who has worked in the automotive industry for a number of years i can agree that this stuff is on most people's minds. removed your last part