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Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
That would be Daniel taking the seat, another Aussie to put up with fingerboi
lol not only put up with him but outpace him on the track!

Of the two, Daniel has put in the time and put up the numbers with Toro Rosso (I think he finally got a point lol) JEV and Ricciardo have fairly similar experience in F3, etc. But Dan is just faster. I think he was faster around Abu Dhabi than Seb at one point.
It'll be interesting next year when they go to the 1.6LV6 engines (Mercedes engines i think?) It's useless to talk about SRT8 vs RB9 cars and race finishing numbers since we're talking 2014 season.

Regardless, I hope Dan is able to wipe that irritating smirk off of Vettel's face lol
Mercedes' car is getting better so I hope Hamilton will do better. Same with Lotus...they're getting faster and I'm sure Kimi will stay. Him+quicker car = over 150 points by this time next season. I'd also like to see Hulk in Massa's seat (or Raikkonen if he doesn't stay with Lotus). All that should give Vettel a TOUGH time in 2014. I love, love F1 but it's really uneven right now and it's like the 90's/early 2K's when Schu won 80% of the races.

Alright I'm just rambling now.
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