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Originally Posted by ///S65 View Post
What is covered in Total Care exclusively? I don't really know what they mean by "over 100 additional components." I thought the Stated Plan would work out fine since it covers all the electronics. Should I switch to the Total Care?
I guess I'd just say better safe than sorry. Our cars are very complex - if the part that breaks isn't listed in the Stated list, you're not getting it paid for.

Here's the extras for TotalCare:

1. Shift Linkage, Cables And Bushings
2. External Switches & Solenoids
3. Electronic Controller
4. Shift Lever
5. Back Up Light Switch
6. Speed Sensor
7. Speedo Cable
8. Neutral Safety Switch
9. Torque Converter Lock Up Solenoid
10. Tail Shaft Housing
11. Bell Housing
12. Coil Spring
13. Leaf Spring
14. Trailing Arm
15. Track Bar
16. Strut Bearing/Plates
17. Radius Rod and Bushings
18. Steering Dampener (Shock)
19. Steering Knuckle Sleeve
20. Electronic Level Control Programmer
21. Electronic Level Control Compressor
22. Pressure Limiter
23. Compressor Relay
24. Height Sensor
25. Dryer
26. Compressor Assembly
27. Rack Bushings
28. Compressor Pressure Switch
29. Thermo Switch (De-Icer)
30. Vacuum Door Switch
31. Clutch Cycling Switch
32. Electronic Temperature Control Programmer Module
33. Electronic Temperature Control Sensors
34. Temperature Sensor Internal
35. Ambient Temperature Sensor
36. Heater Control Valve
37. Evaporator and Heater Core Case
38. Backing Plates
39. Caliper Sliders
40. Brake Light Switch
41. Fluid Level Sensor
42. Bleeders
43. Self Adjusters
44. Brake Springs
45. Actuating Lever
46. Parking Brake Lever
47. Parking Brake Ratchet Assembly
48. Brake Accumulator
49. Vacuum and Fluid Reservoirs
50. Abs Pressure Warning Switch
51. Oil Pressure Switch
52. Horn
53. Air Bag, Sensors And Switches
54. Coolant Reservoir Sensor
55. Temp and Oil Pressure Sensors
56. Windshield Washer Pump
57. Headlamp Motors
58. Relays
59. Illuminated Visors
60. Headlight Timers
61. Power Mirror
62. Ignition Lock Cylinder
63. Rear Defroster
64. Safety Restraint Systems
65. Power Trunk Motor
66. Dome and Map Light Assemblies
67. Seat Heater Assembly
68. Power Seat Memory Controller
69. Seat Belt Motor
70. Seat Belt Chime
71. Factory Alarm Systems
72. Trip Computer
73. All Wiring Harnesses
74. Convertible Top Motor
75. Tachometer
76. Turbo Gauge
77. Mirror Heating Elements
78. Idle Control Solenoids/Motors
79. Electronic Digital Dash
80. Factory Installed Anti-Theft Device
81. Oil Pressure Gauge/Light
82. Door Handles
83. Trunk Shocks
84. Glove Box Latch
85. Locking Cylinders
86. Seat Tracks
87. Door Strikers
88. Door Latches
89. Hood and Trunk Latches
90. Speedo Head
91. Hood and Trunk Release Cables
92. Hood Springs
93. Steering Column
94. Tilt Wheel Mechanism
95. Air Bag(S)
96. Air Bag Control Module
97. Air Pump
98. Egr Valve
99. Electronic Power Steering
100. Impact Sensors

Originally Posted by NYRY1 View Post
Sorry for the dumb question, but would an extended warranty still be available after putting on mods? Ie, mars performance led tails and an AA exhaust, etc. Are these extended warranties only available for cars that are 100% stock?
Obviously, they won't cover non-standard parts, and they maybe raise an issue if you've somehow affected other parts with your changes, but new tails and an exhaust shouldn't be any issue.