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Originally Posted by Jozi View Post
Oh yes I remember reading that now.

Did you look into getting a lcd screen which would fit and also work with your previous setup? I had a quick look at the Zoppo lastnight, dimension wise it's probably as close as I'll get it to fit where I want it.

Any idea do those apps work with an M52 (OBD-I I think)?

I've got a lot to learn and research, I wanted to use a pc but I think a Android device will be more than capable!
Yes, I did. The only other LCD screen that would fit the CCC screen size is the CIC screen *lol*. Unfortunately, that *still* isn't a true HD screen. The tablet is 1920x1080 w/a pixel density of 342ppi. The screen is so sharp, when I was looking for HD "M" logo art to use for wall paper, it would show all the imperfections of all the non-HD art I was looking at *lol*. The screen is pretty much the top of the food chain for tablets that small at this point. It's the same screen that the new Sony Xperia ZU will be using.

As far as the apps I've seen, I'd try the free version of this one:

It says it supports E39 and older, so you might have some luck. I also have Torque Pro b/c it offers this:

and you can overlay the instrumentation over a real time map. This can be used on the track to help clean up mistakes and to see how the car is performing in certain sections....

Originally Posted by Koldun View Post
If you are going to cannibalize a phone for the screen, why not use the Samsung Galaxy Mega? That thing has a 6.3" screen, IIRC.

Did you ever investigate incorporating that leap motion device to control the screen?

I see you are also in Texas, you need to do this to my car.
I'm not planning to cannibalize the screen. It would be too much of a pain in the @$$ to try and figure out how to make the screen accept the input from the CCC unit. The Samsung Galaxy Mega screen is smaller than the unit I'm using.

I'm fabricating an enclosure that the tablet will sit behind. This enclosure will then sit in front of the 1 series screen. Miniature linear actuators will be shipped shortly, and they'll allow me to raise up this setup so that I can see the OEM screen, as well as to utilize the camera. The entire setup will fold down into the dash, just like the OEM 1 setup.

Leap still hasn't shipped my d@mn Motions, even though I signed up for the preorder, so I'm still waiting But, on the plus side, I was going to use the Leap so that I could interface w/the unit more seamlessly. The tablet is touch screen, so that is no longer an issue.

Funny, I drove out to Stafford 2 weeks ago to pick up the dash *lol*

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