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yeah, I have had CarTest for years.
But unless you adjusted the shift speeds of the SMG, that will be off.
Also, I noticed, CarTest doesn't do well with Forced Induced engines ( I know that isn't relative with the M cars).
And lastly, many engines are underrated (like the 335i) so it's hard to use CarTest accurately in those cases.
But granted it is pretty accurate a lot of the time, at least the ET's in the 1/4 but for some reason the 1/4 mile traps (and speeds into the triple digits) are often listed on CarTest as being a decent amount slower than what the car's really do.

Sill, I don't see the e92 doing 0-60 times better than 4.4 seconds (like the M5)
The M5's are also doing the 1/4 in the low 12's @ 115+ mph
I think with the E92 M3 you'll see the following best times:
12.6-12.7 @ 111-112ish for the manual
12.5-12.6 @ 112-113ish for the DSG version