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I was invited by Oris Swiss watches to visit the Belgian GP and Williams F1. Totally for free(Ok I had to go there by car , 3 hours driving)

Our Gold 1 Grandstand we were sitting at row 9. I was exactly below the 2nd 'Shell' L so to speak

Idiotic Greenpeace activists making their statements....

@ our hotel in Vaals (still NL south border with B and D) Macca from London, talked to the owner, nice guy :


The group from the UK :


Wiliams paddock:

Pastor Maldonado and me. I speak Spanish too and had a nice conversation with him. He was a tad silent but when he heard Spanish instead of English he melted a bit

Champagne, Heineken, cute girls @ Williams, high quality food, a high tech bathroom what looked like Star Trek, only the robotic ass wiping was missing

Sir Frank...

Engineer Pat Symonds, I saw Patrick Head somewhere as well :

Some info @ the pits. No pics allowed ...only the cars...

Bottas' car (nice guy too)

I have some video footage of start & finish but first the pics

Nice view from our grandstand.

Lewis and Kimi were the most popular and in general Ferrari(by the way the crowd was shouting)

Fellow Dutchman Giedo van der Garde passing and in the upper right corner one of those Greenpeace guys:

Sorry for the crappy quality of some pics....

Ghe sparemo.