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Originally Posted by OilPatch View Post
Forgive me if this review is out there, but I tried searching for it and couldn't find anything for this product.

Basically I am wondering if anybody has used this product:

I have leatherique and will be doing that every 6 months to keep the leather in great condition, but I'm curious if this would work when I clean the interior for in-between those treatments? I'm wanting somethign that will clean the leather from just daily use that is somewhat easy to do that I can do when I clean the interior of my car. Right now I use Adams total interior detailer for wipe down the dash and other plastic bits.
Like alot of other guys on the forum I recently undertook a Leatherique treatment and I was incredibly satisfied. However, since then I have been using the pristine clean with a spray attachment as the "in between" clean/conditioner. I thought it was meant for that? Please correct me if Im wrong anyone, so far pretty good though...