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Post BMW Files For Three New Trademarks

German car maker BMW have filed for three new trademarks, hinting at potential future production model or design study designations, reports car enthusiast website Trademarks of 'BMW M10', 'BMW 555' and 'Progressive Activity Sedan' have all been registered. Upon first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that BMW have a high-performance "M" version of an oversized luxury sedan, a 5.5-litre 5-series and an until-now unsurfaced mould-breaking crossover vehicle in the pipeline - but all may not be as it seems.


Rumours of a spiritual successor to the BMW M1 of the late 70s flourished last year following the "leak" of information by an Italian tuning firm on a forthcoming V10-powered supercar from the German maker. And it would seem that substance has now been given to the tuner's claims. It had been maintained that they were to produce a 214 mph supercar based on BMW's forthcoming M10, seeing showroom floors by the end of 2009.

BMW 555

According to, the '555' trademark was 'published for opposition' back in August, which tends to indicate a strong indication as to the use of a trademark. In regard to its use, there are two likely options. The newly-registered trademark may very well refer to a forthcoming 5-series featuring a 5.5-litre output, although it may also signal a turbocharged version of the 5-series' existing 5.0-litre engine. The designation would therefore follow suit with BMW's 335, which is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-litre unit.

Progressive Activity Sedan

The more ambiguous registration is this, the 'Progressive Activity Sedan'. BMW presently refer to their upcoming X6 SUV as a 'Sports Activity Coupe', so unless the name got the boot after its Frankfurt premiere, that designation is likely to stay - if only for marketing purposes. It could however signal the naming strategy for the forthcoming 5-series based V-Series, captured by our spies only last week. Or, dare we say it, BMW have yet another new mould-breaker up their sleeves?