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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
Exactly this.

If you think what's happening to BMW in the USA you should see what's happened to it in the UK.
It's almost embarrassing to be a BMW owner these days. It's quite scary to be in a UK dealer and look around at the type of people buying BMW's and to see why they are buying them.......if it's a rare occurance of a private buy that is, as most new BMW's in the UK are company cars which is why 4 cyl diesel 3/5 Series cars sell so well.

I was glad that I was able to be able to afford to buy a brand new small, sporty BMW the once, but given the lack of appeal of any prospective future BMW has to me, given the direction they are going I doubt I'll be buying another one.
Yassssss. It's so embarrassing to have to endure these Plebeians who are now allowed to buy BMWs whilst I'm buying a BMW. Hopefully, you didn't catch any communicable diseases from that "type of people."