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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
car sales among most brands have been up this year. i'm willing to bet that sales would've been equal if they didn't make the new 3 softer. ppl don't care if the 3 is sporty; they just want the badge. so if they kept it sporty, the masses get the badge, and we get the sporty sedan. everyone wins

take mazda for example. its new line up is praised for its handling dynamics, and its sales increased about 30% in july over the previous year. making cars fun to drive doesn't mean you have to give up profit
It has a lot to do with being global, or more specifically, China. China has blown up in a way that the E90 launch was not there for. China is big into luxury, being driven and not driving. Hence why there is a long wheelbase F30 for them.

So pissing off 10,000 of US buyers but delighting 60,000 new Chinese buyers-sounds like a good business plan.

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