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So I just did this and have EDC. It's quite simple. I did it while I was changed the oil so the car was on ramps with the drivers rear jacked up. Start one side from start to finish at a time and you will have no EDC errors. There is no reason to disconnect the wires!

Start by pulling the cover off the top of the shock- large rubber. Then you will see where the cable gromett goes into that. Pinch and push it back into the body so you can pull the large rubber cover over the wire. Now you see the 3 13mm bolts. remove them. Then remove the bolts on the strut brace. The are a bit tricky to get a socket on. However, if you have a buddy pull the plastic firewall cover back a little you can get straight on with an impact.

Now the fun part. You have to pivot the top strut mount over the three bolts while dipping the bolts on the opposite end. If you do it in the correct twisting motion while pulling up on the silver strut brace to give clearance it will come off. Then just twist out of the way to get at the allen head. Remove the alignment pin with the allen.

Then take a prybar and push against the sheetmetal and the top strut washer being careful to not nick the rubber. You want to go towards the engine. with a little fudging it will just move all at once. Now you're done. Reassemble pivoting the strut brace moutn back then use blue locktite on all threads. Viola .5+ negative camber. I have no EDC errors. Stoked!